Naxsi 0.56

Jun 27, 2018 12:54 · 152 words · 1 minute read

Late as usual, we released naxsi 0.56.

Mostly, this release includes http2 support, along with :

  • Improvement : Avoid rule collision on virtual-patching ec4ce3e
  • Added a new internal rule 19 to allow users to only rely on lib-injection 951123a
  • Improved json parsing (this is useful if you’re doing CSP) #420
  • More verbose in case of user-induced errors #424 #311

While our customers aren’t using much http2 yet at nbs, we heard from successfull naxsi users using the http2 branch for a while without issues. We are looking forward to see how it behaves !

If my activity on naxsi has been lower over the last year, that’s mostly because, while polishing snufffleupagus, we are working hard on an upcoming project, that I hope, will help people :)

Naxsi is now kind of in a mature phase, and I am looking forward to accept more and more external contributions based on users feedbacks.